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Cannes 2012 por Ricardo Chester

O Ricardo Chester divulgou em seu Facebook uma lista resumindo Cannes.

Cannes 2012 em algumas linhas.
Guga ou iutuba aí pra você ver quanta coisa boa.

Back to the start – Chipotle
Dips Desperado – Doritos
Dads in Brief – BGH
3 Little Pigs – The Guardian
The Bear – Canal+
Roadside Ditch – Directv
Stray Animal – Directv
Dog Collar – Directv
Wig Shop – Directv
Platoon – Directv
House – Directv
Best Job – P&G
Integration Day – Coordown Onlus
Blood Relations – The Peres Center
Museu of Me – Intel
Security Cams – Coke
Sport Girl – Axe
Brainy Girl – Axe
Grandmother – Zonajobs
AAAA Autorepair – Fedex
Shake on it – Espn
It’s Halftime in America – Chrysler
Love to Bingo – Getty Images
Bikers – Carlsberg
Push add to drama – TNT
MFCEO – K-Swiss
Sing your favorite word – Kayak
The Legendary Making of the Date – Heineken
Ballerina – Andes
Big Day – Weetabix
Couch – Krispy Kernels
The Swedish Truck Drivers – Cloetta
Miners – Heineken
Motorcycle – Old Spice
Hammer – Saridon
Stamp – Sardion
Pound – Saridon
I would run to you – Nike
Letter – Toyota
Cross Country – Volkswagen
The Long Wait – John Lewis
Woods – Gandhi Bookstores
Yes/No – Playstation
Bobbie Bishop – Hockey Hall of Fame
It’s the New – Follow Magazine
The Name – Espn
Silence of Love – Thai Life
The Offer – Fedex
The Day the Stadium Spoke – Nike
What I see – P&G
Love the Game – Jordan
Play Miguel – MTV
Smoothness – IQ
Chef – Volkswagen Argentina
Running – Canadian Paralympics
Hate – Una Onlus
Bounce – Old Spice
Bully Choir – Opvoedingslijn
The Return of Dictatator Ben Ali – Tunisian Democracy
Locker Room – Planet Fitness
Before & After – Nike
Rebrief – Google
Coca-Cola Polar Bowl – Coca-Cola
The Great Crusade – Qantas
GT Academy – Nissan/Playstation
Nature Valley – General Mills
The Beauty of a Second – Montblanc
New York Writes Itself – Village Voice
Be the Coach – Carling Black Label
Great Paper Airplane Project – Pima Air
The Most Popular Song – Banco Popular de Puerto Rico
Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Book – Snoop Dogg
Everything to Prove – Gatorade
Office War – Hasbro
Project Imagination – Canon
Hatsune Miku – Google
The Smirnoff Night Project – Smirnoff
The Blue Skittles – Skittles
24 hours of Reality – Climate Change Awareness
True Origins of Pizza – Mr. Pizza
Always Open – Denny’s
A Summer without Rain – Wideroe
Open Up With Andre Agassi – Jacob’s Creek Wine
The Worst Breath in the World – Ferrero
The Explosive Game – Jordan
Plan B – Ballantines
Memories for the Future – Google
The Solar Annual Report – Austria Solar
Google Dsiplay Logo – Google
Design Nori – Umino Store
The Real Cookbook – Verlag
Mountain – Diageo
Think – IBM
Ok Go – All is not Lost – Google
Urban Tour – Asos
Sun Bathing – A.O.Smith
QUBE3 – Audi
The Laundry Gallery – Siemens
The Hinglish Project – Ministry of Tourism India
The Whole Picture – The Guardian
Wearhouse Identity – Vicurban
Graphic Novels – Penguin Books
Roots – Diageo
Efficientdynamics Sculpture – BMW
Nikefuel Station – Nike
The Brandspace – Deutsche Bank
BMW Vision Connecteddrive – BMW
Small Business Day – American Express
The Shadow QR Code – Emart
Lego Builder – Lego
Half of HBO for Free – Claro TV
Mini Maps – Mini France
Help I Want to Save a Life – Help Remedies
Relief Pet House – Animal Relief Headquarters
Smart Twitter Spot – Mercedes-Benz
IQ Streetview – Toyota Belgium
Heineken Reach the Sunrise – Heineken
Real Fruit Boxes – Camp Nectar Juice
Empty Carts – Latet
Audi Fan Messenger – Audi
Share a Coke – Coca-Cola
L’Odyssée – Cartier
Potato Peelers – Melbourne International Filme Festival
Walk of Shame – Harvey Nicols
Rebrief – Coca-Cola
Backseat Driver – Toyota
Parking Douche – The Village
VIP Fridge Magent – Red Tomato Pizza
Pain Squad Mobile App – Sick Children

Ele também publicou no Twitter uma lista com videos resumidos de todos os seminários do festival. Clique e confira.

Valeu, Chester.

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